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Probably the easiest and most legitimate way to start making money online is by writing (typing.)

Believe it or not, you do not need any writing skills and you certainly don't need to have any kind of a writing background to get started.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly how I made my first money online, while serving in the Army. As long as you can type 300 words or so that make sense and are not full of grammatical errors (thank goodness for spell check) you can do this and make some good money doing so!

Just think of the Internet as a whole. Sure audio and video are getting popular, but the majority of the Internet is composed of text... approximately 300 word articles about everything under the sun. Naturally many webmasters don't want to write all of this, so in many cases they pay others to do this, normally somewhere around $12 per 300 word article!

Just to give you an idea of the time investment, the average person with moderate typing skills can type a 300 word article in about 5 minutes once they've researched the topic!

So, you do a little research on the topic(s) they need an article(s) on (they typically provide links to research material) and then you write the article, it's that easy. There really is no catch. Sure, it takes some effort, but it's legitimate and MANY people are doing this everyday to earn some extra money!

I started off online about 5 years ago writing and was earning a nice extra monthly income before moving onto other things and you can just as easily. You just need to know WHERE to find the people who are willing to pay you for writing and you need to know HOW to write for them.

For that I highly recommend "Real Writing Jobs" which is basically a place to learn how to do it and a palce to find loads of companies and individuals who are looking to pay anyone to write for them!

It is very realistic and possible for you to start making money writing online today. Click below to visit the "Real Writing Jobs" site so you can sign up and get started right now.

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And it comes highly recommended! Many, many, many people get paid to write online every single day. If you're serious about making money online I highly recommend you start off just like I did, writing short articles for cash.


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