Become a Ghostwriter

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Become a Ghostwriter

One of the extremely untapped online markets is writing articles for others. People who write articles, books and anything else for others are considered 'ghost writers'.

If you can do any one of these things you may have an untapped money making resource at your fingertips. As you probably came across this site looking for ways to make money I will tell you about the opportunity of making money online by becoming an article ghost writer.

The biggest craze in Internet marketing these days is what is referred to as 'niche marketing'. This marketing technique is driven by articles. Thousands of webmasters are using this marketing strategy to make money but they need ghostwriters.

What they are looking for is articles that are about 400 words in length on different topics. Each marketer creates hundreds of different sites each one focusing on a different "niche." This means if you can write an article and you can do a little research you can be making money in the very near future.

Getting set up will most likely take building a quick EASY website. All you need to do is build a website containing only one of two pages. The main page will be your sales page and you may want to create a contact us page but its not mandatory, you can just put a link to your e-mail.

Your new ghost writer page will have info about the service you provide and info about yourself. You can take a look at my simple ghostwriter page if you like.

If you know of anyone in the Internet Marketing world you can just ask him or her to let others know about your new service.

When I began ghost writing I just went to the Warrior Forum (nickname - "Josh Spaulding") and put a link to my sales page in my signature under all of my posts. It didn't take long and I was making ALOT of money writing ALOT of articles.

This is something that does take some effort but if you are willing and able to do it, it really isn't all that hard to figure out. You should be able to get started just by reading this article. So go on ghost writer, start your page and earn some money!

You may be wondering why I am telling you how to do this if I myself am a ghost writer. This is just one of the many ways in which I make money online. The shortage of ghost writers is so large right now that it won't hurt me one bit to tell others about it. As a matter of fact it may help lessen my work load :)

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